Velvet Deer Antler - World's Most Powerful Extract!

Velvet Deer Antler - World's Most Powerful Extract!

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Velvet Deer Antler - World's Most Powerful Extract!
It's 2,000 years old and just discovered by Western Medicine!

Because it's concentrated 43:1 before extraction it allows for a powerful kick of the IGF-1 Factor to heal and bolster your immune system.

You can gain a tremendous advantages over the stresses of life by taking even a little of this Precious Youth Elixir!

Like our other Youth Elixirs, it's taken sublingually to insure the quickest absorption into your body:
Place 1/3 dropper under your tongue and hold it for 90 seconds before swollowing.

It was prescribed as a highly effective medical treatment for 52 different diseases. When researchers discovered an old silk scroll in a Han tomb in Hunan Province, China, they unearthed an amazing secret. For 2,000 years it had been an ear-whispered remedy passed on from one generation to the next.

"It was so amazingly effective that modern medicine began studying its constitution and results on patients."
While it's been known about for 2,000 years, only recently has scientific evidence documented its amazing array of benefits. In the Invermay Research Center of New Zealand, Dr. Peter Fennessy and associates discovered unusually high levels of an anabolic hormone, insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1, in velvet deer antler.
"Since our levels of IGF-1 diminish as we age because of the decline in human growth hormone, we get flabby and our muscles atrophy."
The medical term for this is sarcopenia, which is tragically evident in older folks. Here is where the anabolic effects of velvet deer antler can provide a blessing. This was a boon to earlier generations of people, who relied on their agrarian way of life. The ability to be mobile and active in later years was paramount to human survival. However, this is just as important today—who wants to be confined to a wheelchair or bedridden due to joint problems?
"Thankfully, the ancient Chinese had discovered the answer, now confirmed by Western medicine—velvet deer antler."
Dr. Fennessy's research revealed accelerated tissue repair occurring when velvet deer antler was administered. It was suspected that this was due to the high concentrations of n-acetyl-glucosamine found in deer antler. Another researcher, Dr. John F. Prudden, found n-acetyl-glucosamine to trigger rapid wound healing. And that was 35 years ago! Now, the secret is out about velvet deer antler. Dr. Lester Morrison identified another ingredient in velvet deer antler as an anti-inflammatory agent that can reverse atherosclerosis due to its containing chondroitin sulfate A. In his six-year study, chondroitin sulfate A reduced the incidence of fatal heart attacks by over 400%.
Of course, when the Russians got wind of the power of velvet deer antler back in the 1920's, it was manufactured by a state-run pharmaceutical company and administered to patients in hospitals in Russia. At the Kyung Hee University of South Korea, Dr. Lee Sangin found that women who were infertile or have liver problems have greatly benefited from velvet deer antler. Also, Dr. Sangin and Dr. Yoon treat both men and women for sexual difficulties with velvet deer antler.
"It dramatically improves erectile dysfunction in men and sex drive in both genders."
The chairman of the medical committee for the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, Dr. Arkady Koltun, M.D., PhD has been researching anabolic agents for more than a decade. He's discovered how to combat overtraining using this natural substance from deer antler, with surprising success. Many of his athletes received gold medals and set new world records. Why? Dr. Koltun found velvet deer antler to be a myotropic; that means it enhances myosin, the contractile protein in muscle fiber, causing an increase in muscular strength, as well as increasing the speed of nerve transmission. Are you looking for a natural, legal way to increase your strength and performance at any age? Well, look no further than Velvet Deer Antler!
"Additionally, recent Japanese research has revealed the connection between retarding the aging process and senility, and the benefits of velvet deer antler."
With all this exciting new evidence, do you think it wise to give velvet deer antler a try? However, there may be an ethical question about the manner in which velvet deer antler is obtained. Let me explain. First, there is never any harm done to the deer. It's really not much different than you or I having a haircut or clipping our nails.
"In the forest, a buck will rub his growing antlers against rocks or trees at the onset of the fall rutting season, in order to scrape off the hairs that have covered them."

Those hairs are called "velvet" due to the smooth appearance it gives the antlers. At the end of the season, after the deer has gotten rid of the velvet and the antlers have calcified and hardened, they are broken off and discarded. The following spring, the cycle begins anew. The cellular growth and the growth of the velvet, which is living tissue, happens incredibly fast. In less than 90 days, a large new rack is formed. What this means is the cartilage, bone, all the nerves, blood vessels, and velvet are in an accelerated growth mode. How is this possible? The deer are absorbing solar photons via their pineal gland and stimulating the pituitary gland to signal the production of IGF-1, which then goes right into the rapidly growing new velvet. It's like you or I growing a new arm or leg in two or three months. Pretty phenomenal, isn't it? What if a cancer patient could grow new healthy tissue to repair malignant tissue? Well, the medical community is studying that right now.
"The amazing thing is, no other mammal has been able to replicate this phenomenal feat of healthy tissue growth."
Consider that an elk can grow 50 pounds of new bone within 60 days! Once again, none of the deer are ever hurt in the gathering of the velvet. The velvet deer antler that I use comes from free-ranging deer in New Zealand. It is so incredibly concentrated that it takes forty-two pounds to make one pound of extract. That means, in a one-ounce bottle, there's 2.62 pounds condensed. No other dried formula comes close to its potency. All you do is take about a half of a dropper under your tongue, hold it for 90 seconds, and swallow. You never have to worry about it being degraded by going through your digestive system. You absorb it straight into your blood stream.
"If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of this 2,000 year old remedy, doesn't it make sense to give it a try?"
Who knows—you might be leaping like a deer… or perhaps your significant other will exclaim, "Oh, dear!" It will only take a few days before you'll know if all the testimonials are right. When might be the best time to enjoy velvet deer antler's lasting benefits?
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Faster fat metabolism
  • Hormonal balance
  • Increased sex drive
  • Enhanced immune support
  • Higher oxygen-rich blood cell count
  • Counters erectile dysfunction
  • Heart attack/stroke protection
  • Increased mental capacity
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Faster workout recovery
  • Benefits infertility
  • Liver protection
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Aids prostate problems
  • Arthritis relief
  • Potent anti-inflammatory effects
  • Stronger, healthier bones
  • Strengthened nerves
  • Combats senility and sarcopenia
  • Restores that youthful attitude
  • Retards aging
The only question left is, when would you like to start getting these benefits?
Serving Size: 30 Drops (2/3rd Dropper)
Serving per Container: 30 plus
Velvet Antler Extract 33mg
Other Ingredients: Purified Water and Organic Grade Alcohol.
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