Shower Magnets - Maintenance-free Water Softener-Conditioning

  • $59.18
  • Save $20

Maintenance-free Water Softener/Conditioning Magnets Simple to Install and Guaranteed For Life!

  • Removes and prevents scale build up in pipes and water heaters
  • Reduces odor and chlorine smell in water
  • Softens and conditions hard water

Works on:

  • Water Main to House
  • Ice Makers
  • Solar Systems
  • Pools and Spas
  • Water Heaters
  • Garden Watering systems

"I had Just Discovered a Profound Secret..."

"It had been a hot day and the cool water was so refreshing. I just closed my eyes and somehow felt transported back in time. Was my mind playing tricks on me? It was almost like someone, an ancient Tibetan sage, was speaking to me by a waterfall.

I shook myself, and I was still in the shower. I laughed as a startling insight dawned in my mind."

"The water from my show was so different, so soft and smooth!"

I simply placed these Roaring Lion water conditioning magnets on the shower line and it instantly changed the water quality!"

See for yourself what a difference these magnet can make.

-Tony Balistreri

    Maintenance-free Water Softener/
    Conditioning Magnets
    Simple to Install and
    Guaranteed For Life!