Qi Gong Fundamentals 1 & 2 Home Study Course by Michael Winn

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Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 1 & 2 Home Study Course
By World Renowned Qi Gong Master Michael Winn

2 DVDs 1.5 Hrs each! + 8 CDs 11 Hrs Total!
In this powerful home study course you'll discover:

  • How to do the Ocean Breathing technique
  • The Inner Smile
  • The Five Animals Do Six Healing Sounds (DVD)
  • Sitting Version of Six Healing Sounds
  • How to talk with 5 vital organ spirits of body-mind
  • Open Chi Flow in the Orbit (DVD)
  • Ocean Breathing + 5 movements
  • A guided Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  • Jing-chi-shen-wu alchemy theory of change
  • The Five Animals eBook Included

The 9 Major Benefits of Qigong Fundamentals 1
  • Open up deep feeling of peace, self-acceptance with Inner Smile.
  • Allows you to experience true Chi (Qi) flowing in your body.
  • Activate infinite sea of chi (belly power) with Ocean Chi Breathing.
  • Detoxify blocked energies with simple sounds.
  • Prevent & heal asthma, high blood pressure, poor digestion, improve balance, relieve emotional stress at core of most chronic illness. 3500 scientific studies prove Qigong’s power to prevent & heal chronic illness.

So simple – even children love the 5 Animals. Teach your kids!
Get in touch with your family of “inner animals” – vital organ “spirits” that control your biology & psychology – and desperately need the love & guidance offered here.

Tao cosmology made super clear: how to experience yin-yang & 5 elements using body movement, feeling, breath, sound, and color.

Lay a solid foundation for deeper levels of qigong & meditation. First stage in a graduated training. Even advanced practitioners of other systems will find it stimulating and filled with insights.

Course Summary of #1 Audio:
Michael Winn’s Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 1 Inner Smile, 5 Animals, 6 Healing Sounds

Theory: What is Chi (Qi)? How can we know it is real? Qi and Chi, Qigong and Chi, Kung are identical and pronounced the same in China: “chee gong”. Tao is “Dao”. Chi (Qi) means “subtle breath”, not physical breath, but chi still has substance. The Life Force as the personal teacher present to each of us in every moment. Chi Kung (Qigong) as the language of nature, allows us to speak with our teacher, the Chi field. Definition of “mind” as specific functions within the Chi field.

  • Chi Warm-up: 5 minutes to Activate Your Energy Body.
  • Shaking the Tree: gentle loosening of joints, muscles & internal organs.
  • Two-Year-Old Qigong: using sound to release trapped chi.
  • Rocking and Earth Chi breathing from Soles of feet. Cool down. Ground the chi deep into earth, into body, above head.
  • Tossing out the Evil Chi method. Comb out the Sick Chi with Golden Finger Chi. Easy, direct way to clean the meridians and deep cavities.
  • Evaluate. Taking stock of your energetic status. If your body is an experiment, to take a baseline reading.
  • Ocean Chi Breathing to quickly open lower belly cauldron.
  • Lying position practice. Feel the Chi between the Hands while lying.
  • Standing position. Ending, gathering.
  • Shaking the belly and laughing to loosen tense chi layers in the belly.
  • Five Animals Qigong (Chi Kung) as Dynamic Releasing of Trapped Chi.
  • Five animals as shamanic precursor to Chinese 5 Elements theory. Link between Belly Sea of Chi, vital organs, and our personality. Five Animal Organ Spirits (Shen) as “dark side” of mind, holding secrets to our natural good health. Unique integration of Animals and Six Healing Sounds. In depth exploration of opening communication with the Lung spirit.
  • Opening the heart preparation for the Animals. Heart tone.
  • The Tiger hisses as it prowls. White Metal chi, lungs.
  • The Tiger scares off the enemy. Grasp Lung chi to kidneys.
  • Bear tosses aside fear, stretches its kidneys, Black/blue Water Chi.
  • Deer Leaps thru Forest. Green Wood/Liver chi. Disperses anger.
  • The Crane flies, opening and closing its Heart. Red Fire Chi is cleared.
  • Alchemical Crane, mixing kidneys water with heart fire.
  • Monkey Guards His banana. Yellow Earth chi/spleen-pancreas. Release worry. Concludes cycle of five phases/elements and first five sounds.
  • Butterfly Transmutes itself: descends heat, clears the head and chest.
  • Sixth healing sound and its relation to triple warmer, core channel.
  • Six Healing Sounds as sitting Qigong (Chi Kung) method of releasing trapped chi.
  • Same sounds as with animals but in relaxed sitting position.
  • Method of using sound to release trapped emotion.
  • Method of expanding vital organ chi and pulsing it.
  • Method of skin breathing (instead of using lungs)
  • Inner Smile: theory of Yuan Shen (Original Spirit) smiling thru energy layers of physical body, dissolving tension without struggle.
  • Different ways to practice Inner Smile. Smiling effortlessly, 24/7.
  • Three Dantian method; Left-Right-Center Brain washing method.
  • Three Pathways method: vital organ, spine, bowels & bones method.
  • Inner Smile Wave method to heal others at a distance, how to link with sun, moon, stars, inner plane guides.