Noblerex K1 Vibration Exercise Machine

  • $2,970.00

“What do Madonna, Lance Armstrong, have in common?”

Wait a minute! Not only hard-body recording artist, Madonna and the world’s greatest cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, but, are you ready? The Boston Celtics, Chicago White Sox, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Philadelphia 76ers and other top sports teams. What secret do these professionals know about:

- Getting rid of a fat belly
- Reducing back pain and stiffness
- Increasing flexibility and range of motion
- Improving your muscle tone and strength
- Activating all reflexology points on your feet
- Combating osteoporosis
- Boosting natural hormone levels
- Decreasing the stress hormone, Cortisol
- Strengthening collagen
- Fighting cellulite
- Increasing bone density
- Moving toxins out by increasing lymphatic flow
- Enhancing balance and coordination
- Improving blood oxygenation and circulation

"If it could be proven to you that you would receive the same awesome benefits of one hour of aerobics in just a mere ten minutes, would you give it a try?"

The reason I’ve offered you these revolutionary insights to keeping you fit and healthy, is that I’m only too familiar with the risk of injury that conventional exercise can cause.

You may have already experienced pain and stress to your joints, ligaments, and tendons in your attempt to get or stay in shape. Or maybe you never seem to find the time to drive to that health club you have that expensive membership to.

"Do you think you could find just ten spare minutes a few times a week to get these optimal benefits?"

I just wanted to make sure you didn’t get left out. What Madonna, Lance Armstrong, and I have in common is also the new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy. What I’m talking about is the fascinating new technology now being used by celebrities, athletes, and everyday folks all over the world. You see, I didn’t want you to get left out in having the opportunity to experience full body vibration.

This isn’t the type of up and down, piston-like vibration that truck drivers receive that causes painful back problems. Nor is it the jarring that causes damage to joints, ligaments, and tendons by a laborer using a jack hammer all day. And who wants to risk developing carpal tunnel? You don’t--I’m certain of that!

The equipment you want is one with whole body vibration, not some of the cheaper piston types available. This is why I want you to know about the K-1 Vibration Exerciser that I use.

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Just Ten Minutes is an Amazing Workout!

Here’s how it works...

The vibrations are generated at a specific frequency on a standing unit that is transferred to your body. Why does this work? It works because your muscles automatically react to the vibration by contracting. Your muscles automatically flex themselves, not just a few major muscle groups, but all the supporting and secondary muscles. You may be getting a hint at how much internal power you’ll start generating when you begin using the K-1.

You also benefit because these contractions stimulate circulation and oxygenate your blood. Can you just imagine the benefits for anyone with a diabetic condition? Also keep in mind that toxic waste residue in the blood must enter not only the kidneys for removal, but into your lymphatic system.

"The problem (and it’s a very serious one) is that the lymph vessels have no pump to move toxic waste along for disposal."

The lymphatic system must absolutely rely on physical movement to do its job. So you have a choice, you can spend hours working out or spend a spare ten minutes standing on the K-1 . Which might be better for you?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against doing both. I’ve never gotten such effective warm-ups and warm-downs to my regular workout as I’ve gotten with theK-1. All my supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments get a nice massage. Just like the sports professionals who can’t risk injury, neither can seniors. Does this sound like a good idea?

One characteristic associated with aging is a loss of balance. Isn’t it tragic how many elderly people lose their balance, fall and break a hip, knee, or some other bone?

"It’s true in many cases that older folks “don’t fall down and break a bone; they break a bone and then fall down.”

The loss of bone density that occurs in aging adults is scary isn’t it? Well, now that you have a highly researched and tested prevention equipment with a host of physician generated scientific studies to back it up--wouldn’t it be a healthy idea to improve not only balance, but bone density for yourself and those you love?

There are so many benefits to using the K-1; I can’t even begin to tell you all of them. This vibration technology used by individuals for a mere 10 minutes 3 times a week, lost more fat because of the increase in the metabolic rate than those who did an hour of aerobics 3 times a week.

If these benefits sound like something you might like, in addition to fighting cellulite, strengthening collagen, (that’s called a face lift) and reducing both your belly and your stress, then I’ve got a question for you.

"When might be the best time to give the K-1 a trial?"

Now don’t get scared if you’ve heard of similar whole body vibration units costing ten to fifteen thousand dollars. This isn’t what you’ll be investing. Actually, the reason for those higher prices is that vibration technology was originally developed for astronauts to counteract the harsh effects of zero gravity on the human body.

Later these scientists discovered vibration therapy to be highly successful in treating osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other medical issues. You can just imagine can’t you how much it costs to treat these diseases. Of course the demand for the original units overwhelmed supply…Well, I think you can see what I’m getting at, can’t you?

I’ve got great news for you! You’re not going to have to invest anywhere near those prices. I promise, while this technology isn’t for everyone, we’ll make it painlessly easy for you to have the K-1 in your home.

And one more promise, use it for 30 days and if it’s not everything I say it is - you don’t pay a dime! Is that fair enough? I don’t want you to be left out or on a waiting list.

So, please call us right now to give it a try for 30 days!

To your health and vitality!

Still not convinced? Here's what I clients who purchased one are saying...

I encourage you to purchase the new vibration machine (the noble rex k-1) from Roaring Lion. I have had one for a little over three months. What I have experienced during this time is fantastic! I am about one and one half times as strong as I was before the K-1. I healed a condition in my spine that I had had for a very long time, I have more energy than I have ever had. I have put on 10 pounds of muscle mass, I am more tone than I have ever been, I feel better than I ever have before, it also enhances everything that I do and makes those things almost effortless!

The testimonials are starting to role in. The other day an elderly woman came to me and said that it was healing her arthritis, frozen spines are unlocking, people are getting younger. Do you think that this might be something that might help you toward your fitness goals? I do and that is why I have one!

Jon Shalomar, CA

P.S. Remember, only 10 minutes a day!

"10 years ago I was in a car wreck and experienced major nerve damage in my foot, causing pain when I walked for years. Since I started using the K-1, the pain has lessened to such a degree that I can walk and be physically active better than ever! Just 10 minutes a day on the machine."

-Nancy Winter, TN

"I use my K-1 every day for ten minutes in the morning - I have not missed a day since I got it!

"My body is much more firm, but the best part is that I don't have to take my asthma medication anymore."

Not having to use inhalors anymore is great. It also helped me heal a foot injury from a fall I took, very quickly. I'm not big into excercising but since owning a K-1 I have taken up walking everyday as well, and I feel great!"

-Nancy Olson, PA

"I’ve been using the K-1 vibration machine for just over three months. Being a sprinter in the Senior Olympics, I was hoping for improvement in my running. It has shown improvement in several areas: (1) I just generally feel better after, (2) I’m beginning to notice a little more spring in my step, (3) As a sprinter reaches senior status and beyond, the foot turnover speed doesn’t decline so much as stride length. I feel that my stride length has maintained and I notice that there are signs of actually improving, (4) I believe my abdominal area is strengthening (that’s where 30% of the power of a sprinter comes from), and (5) My blood pressure, which has always been pretty steady around 120/80 (and sometimes higher), is now averaging (last four measurements) 111/60. I’m very pleased so far, and have told other athletes (not in my age group, heh heh) about it."

-John Hurd, FL

I absolutely LOVE the K-1! When I have had an hour drive to and from work after an 8-9 hour day, jumping on the K-1 makes me feel so energized and helps alleviate some of the stress of the day. I have noticed my blood pressure is much lower than it has been and I am working on being able to hold the “push-up” position for a longer time and then move up to the higher speed of vibration. I really like how the K-1 (as we love to call it the “Jiggle Machine”) allows one to begin and then work up to a stronger vibratory rate. I also like how using the K-1 blends beautifully with my other exercises. All in all, we just love using the K-1 and would advise anyone giving some thought to purchasing one, to give it a try!

"You won’t regret it. We wish we had purchased ours sooner!"

-Sandy Hurd, FL

I have been using it since March 2008 and have been on it nearly every day for at least 10 minutes. My muscle tone is much firmer. I sometimes do chi gong exercises while I am standing on it, and I often do the cranes nest. My hamstrings have become much firmer as a result. I also have been doing resistance exercises on a bow flex. When I finish my workout I go to the K-1 and do some push ups and dips on the k-1 as a final exercise and cool down.

"The K-1 has really increased the firmness and definition of my muscles much more than the resistance exercises have ever done by themselves."

I also feel very good overall with the machine. When I jog, which lately has been very sporadic, I will use the k1 to warm up and cool down before and after. I love the machine and am very glad I got it.

-Danny Zeigler, KS

I have been researching this technology for a year and there is a Russian scientist in town who has the original Galileo ($8000+ and very heavy and difficult to move around). I used it and was blown away by the workout you can get in such a short period. He has hundreds of testimonials from diabetic ulcers going away, to lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function and definitely increasing HGH.

It's like rebounding ON STEROIDS (plant based) and the Chi Machine on Turbo Drive !!!

He is adamant about using only TOC (not piston - up/down motion). There are only a couple TOC machines and most are $8000 +.

Everyone here should get one!

It's not just Madonna and Lance Armstrong... Check out those using this new vibration technology below:

Madonna (Musician)
Prince Albert of Monaco
Sean "Diddy" Combs (Musician)
LeBron James (Miami Heat)

Shaquille O’Neal (Former Boston Celtics)

Lance Armstrong (Cyclist)
Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
Clint Eastwood (Actor)
Colin Montgomery (Pro Golfer)
Craig T. Nelson (Actor)
David Cone (Former NY Yankee)
Don Johnson (Actor)
Eric Karros (Former Chicago Cub)
Gwen Stefani (Musician)
Heidi Klum (Supermodel)
Ivana Trump (Socialite)
J.D. Drew (Former Boston Red Sox)
Jane Fonda (Actor)
Julie Andrews (Actor)
Karl Lagerfeld (Fashion Designer)
King of Saudi Arabia
Larry Nelson (Pro Golfer)

Anaheim Ducks
Atlanta Braves
Calgary Flames
Chicago Cubs
Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Stars
Kansas City Chiefs
LA Avengers
LA Dodgers
LA Kings
LA Lakers
Miami Dolphins
Miami Heat
New York Giants
New York Mets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Chargers
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S. Korea Soccer
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