Moxa Acupoint Therapy - Box of 100 Cones

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Now Easily Extend Your Lifespan Ancient Longevity Acupoint Secret Revealed (See illustrations for the 2 best Moxa acupressure points)

Long ago the ancients discovered secret acupoint locations on the human body that were found to greatly extend the human life span.

In his book, A Study of Daoist Acupuncture, Liu Zheng-Cai discusses an account of an alleged 242 year-old man and his 221 year-old wife, who focused their efforts on a single acupoint.

Scientific studies cited by Dr. Shui Yin Lo in his book, The Biophysics for Acupuncture and Health; found that normal subjects who received acupuncture on acupoint Stomach 36, increased telomerase levels up to 2 times their telomerase levels before treatment. Telomerase is known as an “Immortalizing Enzyme” that can manipulate and reset the clock that affects the lifespan of dividing cells.

If you consider a normal lifespan to be 80 years, and you could add 2 times that by extending the life of the cells--That would be 240 years!

So if this theory is correct, there is absolutely nothing to contradict the allegation of a person claiming to be 242 years old-- except our astonishment and conditioned disbelief.

Moxibustion is the application of heat to a specific area or point on the body. Along with acupuncture needles, it has become an integral part of Oriental Medicine. Moxa is obtained from an herbal plant commonly known as mugwort.

Mugwort Moxibustion cones greatly stimulate your acupressure points...When would be a good time to give it a try?