Magnetic Pill - Rapid Nerve-Related Healing, Mental Clarity, Heightening of Senses, Deeper Meditations,

Magnetic Pill - Rapid Nerve-Related Healing, Mental Clarity, Heightening of Senses, Deeper Meditations,

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Magnetic Pill 

"I believe anything that helps elevate your mood in an organic and natural way is worth exploring don’t you? When you feel good things just tend to go well.

We’ve been offering Magnetic Pill for the last 10 years and have received so much positive feedback that all I can say is it should be called the: The Magnetic Miracle Pill!" -Tony Balistreri CEO Roaring Lion Publishing

A rare and exclusive key ingredient, is recently responsible for hundreds of accounts of Rapid Nerve-Related Healing, Mental Enhancements, Heightening of Senses, and Much More.

“The Magnetic Pill™, is made with vegetable capsules, and contains no animal byproducts It is produced in the united states in a licensed FDA-inspected quality manufacturer GMP (Pharmaceutical Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices).

New Ingredients Added to the Original Formula!

Since Magneurol6-S was released a little over six years ago they have been researching, experimenting, and refining the formula. The new formula, The Magnetic Pill, has all the incredible benefits of the original, with some serious kicks.

Just take a look at what's inside...

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) - For people who suffer pain, it's a necessity. For those who struggle with the body during meditation... it's a HUGE boost. The body aches, the numb legs, the restlessness... are all lessened naturally. Body asleep, mind awake. As if that wasn't enough, the addition of GABA also stimulates the pituitary gland leading to higher levels of HGH (human-growth-hormone) which offers anti-aging benefits. Now, many ancient yogi's linked the pituitary gland with the pineal (suspected to be the main source of the organic sixth sense). Physically, one rests next to the other. With the release of HGH from the pituitary it may also be a vital step in keeping the pineal flexible and young, staving off the effects of aging on true spiritual growth.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract - Combat depression, improve neural response time, increase memory... with Pharmaceutical-Grade Ginkgo Biloba Extract. Known as the "brain herb" we included the best quality we could find to help increase blood flow in the brain, increasing the delivery for all our powerful ingredients, and acting as a supporting mood balancer. If you are sad, depressed and withdrawn you are losing energy and acting against your efforts to move ahead spiritually. Adding in the highest quality Gingko available is an awesome addition for the brain and the emotions! We couldn't miss it!

Schizandra Berry Extract - This one you have to feel to believe! Imagine having Magnetic Pill adapt to your body condition. It moves you from an extreme state, to a more balanced one, naturally. If you are feeling tired and sluggish, Magnetic Pill acts as a stimulant like coffee. Wired and stressed out before meditation or sleep? Magnetic Pill calms you down and quiets your mind. It can be a struggle to stay centered and mindful – adding Schizandra Berry Extract is meant to change all that. It is considered an "adaptogenic herb". It helps you stay centered, in an optimal state of mind.

All of these don't even begin to touch the main core benefits of Magnetic Pill... they are just new ones! Mental, physical, spiritual. It's because of those rare, magnetic super cells that Magnetic Pill boosts. These cells help things like... arthritis, inflammation, mental focus, muscle cramps, neural brain enhancement, tinnitus ear ringing, carpal tunnel, pinched or damaged nerves, eye sight, and athletic response time. It helps the core, inner systems vital to the body. Strong spiritual growth is made easier by a strong body... so the fact you have a solution that works for both is nothing short of phenomenal.


Newly accumulating research along with the hundreds of testimonials indicating vast improvement all to lead to the same conclusion:
The Magnetic Pill really works!

Here are just a few of the other incredible benefits...
Enhanced Focus

Optimized Memory
Dramatic Hearing Improvement
Vision Regeneration
More Energy
Relief of Depression
Enhanced Touch Sensory
Stress Reductions
Heightened Immune System
And Much More!

There is nothing like it available anywhere! It truly is a unique breakthrough product.

The Secret of The Magnetic Pill is that it may contribute to what was once thought impossible: The Rebuilding of Damaged Nerves!

If you have debilitating Ear, Eye, or other nerve damage, all your body may need is the right balance of long-overlooked Magnetitum. Recent findings indicate that Magnetitum may be responsible for magnetically pulling together and reconnecting broken nerve endings! Science has only now focused on areas of micro-magnetism in the body, and the relationship between cell healing and micro-magnetism.

We have been showered with testimonials from individuals who have seen a sharp turnaround in nerve related illnesses. Why don’t we have yours? The Magnetic Pill can lead to a more rapid healing process and shorter recuperation period!

Limited supplies available due to recent demands.

Call now 800-491-7141.

"I have not been able to drive safely at night for many years as I suffer from loss of night vision. Initially I used The Magnetic Pill for memory enhancement as I am a senior citizen and pleased with the results. To my surprise, I also noticed around the house at night while getting a glass of water how clearly I could see! I am astounded and attribute this to The Magnetic Pill as I have not used any other supplements or changed my daily habits. Several months have passed and I am delighted with my newly found night vision, I am compelled to share my story with others."

Sincerely, -Don F. Sarasota FL

See what The Magnetic Pill can do for you!

  • Are nerve-related impairments limiting your quality of life?
  • Have you found yourself coping with these limitations?
  • Are you frustrated with the cost and ineffectiveness of conventional treatments?
  • Join thousands of others who have experienced the stunning results first-hand!

We have been showered with testimonials from individuals who have seen a sharp turnaround in nerve related illnesses. Why don’t we have yours? The Magnetic Pill can lead to a more rapid healing process and shorter recuperation period!

"I got into a really bad car accident and when I stopped taking the pain medication I was on I started having really bad insomnia. I would toss and turn all night and no matter what I took, which was pretty much everything nothing worked. I took melatonin, Tylenol PM, and sleeping pills but nothing seemed to allow me a good night’s sleep. I had been taking The Magnetic Pill before I got into the accident, but hadn’t taken it in several months. The first night after I took it again was the best sleep I had had in months! It completely caught me off guard because I didn’t even think it could do that! I just wanted to say thanks!"

- Michael R Astoria OR

Your nervous system runs every process in your body. If it’s not running at optimal levels, a multitude of things can go wrong. Regular use of the Magnetic Pill optimizes levels of magnetite needed in your body. See how The Magnetic Pill can change your life!

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