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Give yourself or a loved one the gift of natural healing, grounding and a noticeable boost to meditations with this High Quality, 3,900 Gauss Meditation Pad!

Non-Skid Backing
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Speeds recovery and repair

Each magnet has a manufacturer's rating of 3,950 Gauss and, because of their size and thickness they give a stronger and deeper field of magnetic energy penetration (up to 18") compared to the common 4" penetration.

They are laminated in a grid between layers of high-quality,TWO INCHES of mattress-grade foam and are quilted into soft, comfortable, high-grade mattress fill and damask cover so you won't feel the magnets. The pad is conveniently placed on top of your mattress and under your sheets.

Information of Interest

Magnetic Mattress Pad Use in Patients with Fibromyalgia:
A Randomized Double-Blind Pilot Study

Agatha P. Colbert, Marko S. Markov
Mandira Banerji and Arthur A. Pilla
Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston,
MA 02111, USA
Department of Orthopedics, Mount Sinai School
Of Medicine, New York, USA
Litterst & Associates, Newton, MA, USA
Dept. of Orthopedics, Mount Sinai School of
Medicine, New York and Dept. of Biomedical
Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA

Fibromyalgia (FM), characterized by chronic, wide-spread, musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, disturbed sleep and fatigue, is a common, well-recognized clinical syndrome. Prevalence rates for women are estimated at 3.4% and for the general population, 2%, with an even higher rate among military personnel, ranking second in the list of most frequently self-reported symptoms among Gulf War veterans, 19.2%. The etiology and pathophysiology of this disorder remains uncertain. Current management strategies, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical, provide limited symptomatic relief.

Objective: To determine if the chronic pain and sleep disturbances experienced by patients with fibromyalgia can be improved by sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad.

Design: A double-blind randomized controlled trial.

Setting: Patients‚ homes and the private practice office of the principal investigator.

Patients: Thirty-five female subjects diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome were recruited. Thirty met inclusion/exclusion criteria and entered the study. Twenty-five completed it. One was lost to follow-up. Three were withdrawn for protocol violations and one because of an intercurrent hospitalization.

Intervention: Sleeping on an experimental mattress pad magnetized at magnet surface field strength of 1,100 gauss and delivering 200-600 gauss to the skin surface or a sham (non-magnetized) mattress pad over a 16-week period.

Results: Subjects sleeping on the experimental mattress pad experienced a significant decrease in pain and fatigue. Additionally, these subjects showed significant improvement in reported sleep and physical functioning as evidenced from the modified Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire. Subjects sleeping on the sham mattress pad experienced no significant change in these same outcome measures. Subjects in the control and experimental groups showed improvement in tiredness on waking, demonstrating a placebo effect in this parameter. Neither group showed an effect on global well-being.

"Magnets May Ease Muscle, Joint Pain"

By Lawrence G. Proulx
Los Angeles Times-
Washington Post News Service

Using a magnet to treat pain may not be as wacky an idea as it sounds. In a recent study of 50 patients, application of a small magnet to painful muscles and joints was far more effective than application of an identical but non-magnetized device. Participants in the study had significant pain for at least four weeks because of post-polio syndrome, the name given to the muscle weakness, fatigue, pain and other symptoms that can occur in adults who had severe polio when young. They were asked to assess their pain on a 10-point scale when a sensitive area ("trigger point") was touched. A small magnet or a placebo device (neither doctors nor participants knew who got which until after the study) was taped to the area and left for 45 minutes. When it was removed, they were asked again to gauge their pain. Twenty-two out of 29 patients (76 percent) who were treated with a real magnet reported improvement, compared with only four out of 21 (19 percent) who were treated with a dummy magnet. Furthermore, among those who reported improvement, the average decrease in pain score was 7 for the magnet group and only 4 for the dummy group.

"We cannot explain the significant and quick pain relief reported by our study patients," wrote the researchers, from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, in the November issue of the archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They speculated that the magnets might have caused changes in pain-receptor cells, provoked an indirect response in the brain or affected the release of pain-diminishing body chemicals called enkephalins. They noted that "similar responses to magnetic fields have been reported in patients" who had different diseases. In calling for further study, they also remarked "that none of our patients reported any discomfort resulting from the use of magnetic devices and that no complications have been reported in the literature" from the use of such low-intensity magnetic fields.

Health Revelations
"Sleep your way to youth" By William H. Philpott, M.D.

Dr. Philpott is chairman of the Bio-Electro Magnetic Institute in Oklahoma City. He is a Psychiatrist and Neurologist who received his medical degree from Loma Linda University, and is the author of "Brain Allergies"and "Victory over Diabetes."

The human body itself is an electromagnetic machine. Each body cell has a positive and a negative field and physical and mental functions from the brain and central nervous system. Moreover, all life- plant and animal, including human- exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth. For instance, Earth‚s magnetism activates the enzyme system in fruits and vegetables that causes normal ripening. And homing pigeons are magnetically guided back to the coop.

In just the past decade, we have begun to realize that, since magnetic energy influences our health, it can be used to intentionally improve our health. Indeed, enough is already known for me to outline to your why this is so and what you might want to do about it.

As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of negative and positive magnetic forces. The Earth‚s crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field, while during the day we experience the suns opposite, positive magnetic force. At night, the Earth‚s negative magnetic energy increases cellular oxygen, encourages deep restorative sleep, supports biological healing, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. But when the sun comes up, it's positive magnetic energy decreases cellular oxygen, stimulates wakefulness, inhibits biological healing, increases pain, and can increase inflammation.

All life-plant and animal, including human- exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth.

The pineal gland in the center of our heads controls hormones, enzymes and immune function, and is itself a magnetic organ containing magnetite crystals. It is acutely sensitive to magnetic energy and produces it‚s most important and characteristic substance, the sleep hormone melatonin, almost entirely during the night when the Earth's negative magnetic field is dominant. In turn, human growth hormone, which is produced by the hypothalamus as we sleep, appears to be strongly influenced by melatonin levels.

It may startle you to learn that the negative magnetic field of the Earth can be duplicated and enhanced with the aid of simple commercial magnets. There is no fundamental difference between Earth's negative magnetic field in any unipole magnet, with its negative magnetic field in its positive force on the opposite side.

Without discussing the wide range of illnesses- from arthritis and atherosclerosis to schizophrenia and sleep disorders- that a qualified practitioner can treat with magnets stimulates the pineal gland's production of melatonin and the hypothaiamus‚ production of human growth hormone.

As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of negative and positive magnetic forces.

As we age, we produce less of these essential hormones. But high levels of melatonin are necessary for adequate sleep, and human growth hormone is a controlling factor in hair, skin and muscle mass. Its decline is responsible for the effects of aging. So it may be no exaggeration to day that magnetic stimulation of the pineal gland could slow the aging process. I have seen many people show signs of hair returning to its normal color. Because of the increase of human growth hormone, older subjects typically show an increased rate of hair and nail growth.

There are two simple bedtime uses of magnets.

You may apply negative magnetic energy to yourself while you sleep by standing four 4 x 6 inch ceramic magnets an inch apart on your headboard, say two or three inches from the top of your head. Be sure to keep the negative poles facing toward you, so that your head is in the magnetic field.

Better yet, place a magnetic pad under your mattress with the negative poles facing up. This will keep your entire body in a negative field.

The idea of magnetic therapy may seem novel and perhaps even disarmingly simple, but I can assure you that my experiences with several thousand patients support its very real effects.

Moreover, the FDA has officially declared that magnetic therapy carries no health risks.

"Little vessels react to magnetic switch"

In laboratory animals, a magnet can act like a switch to either open or constrict tiny blood vessels, researchers report. Although preliminary, their study suggests the prospect of using magnets to alter blood flow in damaged tissue.

To look for vascular responses to magnets, biomedical engineer Thomas Skalak of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville obtained a grant from the National Institutes of Health and recruited electrical engineer Cassandra E. Morris, also at U. Va. "I was initially quite skeptical" of finding an effect, says Morris.

In the experiments, she cut thin layers of rat muscle and folded them away from the body so that blood vessels, just 10 to 100 micrometers in diameter, continued to nourish them. Next, she measured the blood vessels diameters before and after 15 minute exposures to a static, 700-gauss magnetic field.

Initially, "it looked like nothing happened,"Morris says, because the overall blood flow didn't appear altered. On closer inspection, however, she found that vessels that had initially been dilated became constricted, and those that had been constricted were dilated. Her team is now trying to find the mechanism for the switch.


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