Magnetic Headband 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Magnet - Turn On Your Spiritual Brights!

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Magnetic Headband - 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth
Turn On Your Spiritual Brights!

While chi is more than biomagnetism, it can be measured by the degree of voltage running through your meridians. This electro-motive force leads your chi to your muscles, organs, tendons, and skin. As your chi radiates outward from the skin, it is especially noticeable coming from your palms.

"This is why using 12,500 Gauss Palm and Headband Magnets placed on Lao gong cavities while doing silent meditation and during Qi Gong practice is so amazing!"

Imagine a pile of iron filings poured randomly on a piece of cardboard. Now, imagine taking a magnet and moving it in a straight line under the cardboard. You'll find the iron filings aligning themselves towards the direction of force.

When used in Qi Gong, or while meditating, your Qi (chi) will soar in to the stratosphere. Now, how effective would they be in relieving pain and in promoting rapid healing?

In an article in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX they had their researchers report on the healing power of magnets. The result was that magnets caused changes in pain-receptor cells, causing the brain to release the chemical called enkephalin.

In one double-blind study, people suffering from post-polio syndrome, where physical rehabilitation is required, discovered there was a 76 percent improvement.

"And that's with just a small magnet!"

If small magnets can cause the brain to release the body's natural pain killer, enkephalin, what would these very powerful magnets (in fact, the most powerful magnets that can be made) do?

Could these Rare Earth 12,500 Gauss Magnets prove more powerful than herbs, massage and acupressure?

In an issue of Science News, the University of Virginia, working under a grant from the National Institutes of Health, reported that laboratory animals can have dilated or constricted blood vessels affected by using magnets to alter blood flow in damaged tissue.

The magnets that were used were only 700 gauss and for only 15 minutes segments!

Try them yourself and please let us know about any miraculous healing you find using your 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Magnets.

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12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Palm Magnets and Magnetic Headbands!