"THE MONEY QI GONG!™ (NEW V-2.0 UPDATED!) Turn Your Chi Into Money!"

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"THE MONEY QI GONG!™ (New V-2.0) Turn Your Chi Into Money!"

The Money Qi Gong is a daily exercise used to attract money into your life.
Anyone and everyone can utilize this powerful technique. No experience is required.

"The only way to effectively attract the money you've been asking for into your reality is by cultivating and utilizing your personal 'Chi' or Life-force. I've discovered an ancient technique that will allow you to do just that."

Recently, I woke up to the fact that a select few in very large corporations and those who control our government have been using similar secrets for millennia. Don't you think it's time for you to wake up too?

"After spending a month with the Taoist Monks in the mountains of China, I have finally discovered a Qi Gong technique that I've been seeking for almost 20 years. It will give you the power you need to claim your money now!"

It’s called “The Money Qi Gong™.”

Personally, I began immediately attracting thousands of dollars after my continued practice. Even better, after the 51st day I taught this to others for the first time, I attracted an excess of $206,000.00 for my immediate personal use! What's more, money and new opportunities are continuing to roll in everyday!

This advanced, secret technique is only designed for a select few who have been asking for it and are disciplined enough to make a sincere practice out of it. If this happens to be you, then I am overjoyed at what's about to take place in your life!

Please note:
I have only shared this technique with a very select few, who continue to enjoy profound experiences by using it. (You can read what they're saying about it below.) Now for the first time it's available for you!

"It's profoundly simple, yet simply profound!"

The practice only takes about 5 minutes!! It can be done several times a day to program your superconscious mind to start accepting large amounts of money into your life.

Money Manifestation Program

This Exciting, Instant Downloadable "Money Qi Gong™" Program Includes:

1. One Full length and fully illustrated PDF Instructional Manual.
This manual includes clear and simple instructions to insure your success to help you to uncover the Money that is already yours.

2. Two HD HI Definition - Instructional Videos (60min runtime)
These videos have step by step training in every aspect of the technique to ensure you're doing it correctly.

Above: Live Training with Tony Balistreri - Destin, FL U.S.A.


I will also include an incredibly powerful
"Brain Entrainment Program"
to give you a kick-start in reprograming your
Superconscious Mind!

"The Money Qi Gong™"
"Brain Entrainment Program!"
6 Audio MP3s
Included for a limited Time Only!
(a $200.00 Value - FREE!)

This Program Includes this 6 MP3s:
1-Creative Cognition
2-The Energy of Confidence
3-Motivational Magic
4-Lucid Money Dreams
5-Pure Alignment
6-Manifestation Accelerator
Money Qi Gong
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"After studying and teaching financial freedom for 34 years, I can honestly say that Tony has forever solved the money and wealth problem with his Money Qi Gong™ course. There is no other program in the world like this and if one faithfully practices this method they will become financially rich!"
Don Boyer, Ontario, CA - Bestselling Author and Publisher, Founder of The Carnegie Principle Mastermind Group

"After just a few months of practicing "The Money Qi Gong™," money has been flowing to me from every direction. Not only that, but my entire life and relationships changed too, in the most beautiful ways possible!"
Martin Barajas, Hughson, CA - Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

"I never participated in Qi Gong until I met Tony! Every day I look forward to refining my movements as I have become addicted to this practice. My belief in my ability to create money is at an all-time high. In just over a week, we received an unexpected offer of $227k for 2 of our condos. We were in awe, even if we choose not to sell, that we would receive a quarter million dollar offer! We now KNOW that we are 100% affecting our reality with this practice! Thank you, Tony!"
Jason Mayer, Tucson, AZ - Real Estate Developer

"My experience practicing Money Qi Gong™ is that I have been breaking free from money limitations. More opportunities and dreams have become real to me. I no longer feel I cannot do something due to the lack of money. This practice has completely shifted me to new and endless possibilities. Everything I have set my mind to, has manifested and it's a continuous journey of conscious creation. I've never been more excited!"
Kristina Mayer, Tucson, AZ - Real Estate Developer


Money Manifestation Program

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Today you can download the entire course and try it Absolutely Risk-Free for 30 days! All I ask is that you sincerely practice it for 30 days in a row, without missing a day and that you never share it with anyone else without contacting me first.

"If you don't see a dramatic improvement in your finances you can return it, no questions asked! I'm taking 100% of the risk. I now realize there's no time to lose for you to start attracting your inheritance of money!"
-Tony Balistreri

If you get my course and do what it suggests, I predict you'll make at least your return of investment back within six months or less." As always, all of my courses have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.