Greenie Poppers! - 800 Chewable Chlorella/Spirulina Mini-Tables

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New! "Greenie Poppers!" Two Pack! 800 Tablets!

Chlorella and Spirulina Superfood Combo in Convenient Little Tins

Made from Sunlight

Here's a cool and convenient new way to carry your Chlorella and Spirulina Superfood!
Two Tins of "Greenie Poppers!" (8oz Total) with each order.

The tiny tablets can be chewed or easily swallowed. Take them with you camping, hiking or you can even keep them in your purse or car.

Bring them while your walking your dog and use them as training treats! And of course Kitties love them too!


"Chlorella/Spirulina is one of the most Alkalizing Superfoods on the planet! Simply adding it to your diet can make a dramatic difference in your pH levels."


All New! "Greenie Poppers" Two Pack!