2.5lb Magnetic Ener-Qi Balls (One Pair) - Course Available On DVD or Instant Download

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12,500 Gauss Neodymium Magnets Embedded in each of these 2.5lb Magnetic Ener-Qi Balls!



"How I Increased My Qi By Just Holding These Magnetic Spheres!"

There's a point on your body that's very powerful when you tap into it. I was just as surprised as you’ll be once you feel it. 

You've no doubt heard of the 12 meridians of the body and the acupressure points that are on them. But there's this one special point that not many people have activated. Perhaps because they don't know about it.
You may have seen the images of Taoist Practitioners and other energy healers who use their palms as a portal to emit energy and cause light to flow out of their hands, healing others.

"What if you could tap this Same Power to Build Energy and Muscle?"

Well, the secret lies in this special acupressure point and activating your Qi to flow through it. It's called the Lao Gong. It's considered to be one of the top acupressure points in the whole body. Many don't know that it's actually considered to be an extra chakra.

"Calm the spirit and you’ll reduce fatigue"

When you hold these special Magnetic Spheres in your hands with the magnet touching your palm, you're activating your Lao Gong point, automatically. Just holding the balls will cause this point to be energized, creating a natural calming effect and a tingling feeling in your hands and body as you increase your Life-force. 

Of course, after some time, you'll be able to move the balls back and forth in a wave like fashion and you will feel as though the space between your hands is as solid as granite. Yet it's just air there. Or is it? 

"This is the sensation you’re looking for as you use these balls."

You may begin to feel what Qi Gong Masters have... the sensations of heat or a magnetic tingling between the palms. You'll know then that you've activated the Lao Gong point. You'll be well on your way to increasing your strength and Qi to new levels.

The biggest problem with using magnets for healing is that most products on the market today are just not strong enough to make any substantial difference in your body. 

We use only the most advanced 45 graded Neodymium magnets with a Gauss of 12,500! They have a very short, but powerful depth of field and act like little acupuncture needles in the stimulation of the meridian points. 

Plus, we put together a simple but powerful daily routine that anyone can follow to start building your muscles and increasing your chi flow.

"As you can see, having a set of these Special Magnetic Spheres is a fantastic idea if you’re truly interested in increasing you’re Life-force while naturally building your muscle mass!

Plus, as always, you have nothing to lose!"

-Tony Balistreri