Ginseng from the Smoky Mountains, Wild, Raw and Mixed with Wild Goji Berries!

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Ginseng from the Smoky Mountains, Wild, Raw and Mixed with Wild Goji Berries!

For over a decade I've been commissioning the Native American Indians to hunt for, and gather wild Ginseng for me. Often they hike for days to secret, sacred spots high up in the Smoky Mountains.
Some roots they find are over a hundred years old! They harvest as though the land was never touched, always leaving the younger plants to propagate and flourish, this is important to me.
Once I have the fresh green roots, I gently clean them and place them in a large glass jar filled with organic alcohol and wild Goji berries. Then I place them in a jar on my One Inch Magnets and allow them to stew for years!

"Like a fine wine the Ginseng and Goji berry brew becomes more powerful and flavorful year after year.

Never before have I made this tincture available to the public!
This particular batch is over seven years old and will only be available while supplies last!" Tony Balistreri

For thousands of years the ancient Taoists have used and revered Ginseng considering it to be a major source of “Shen.”

According to the Taoist, Shen is the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, which is mankind. Heaven, is the origin of the spiritual aspect of humanity and provides ongoing spiritual influences, while Earth is the origin of the physical aspect of humankind.

They consider ginseng as a way to keep the balance of yin and yang in your body. This is important to protect your body and spirit and it adds considerably to your “Chi” or “Life-force.”

  • Ginseng is considered an adaptogen, which means it helps your body to withstand mental and physical stress
  • American ginseng in particular helps to boosts your immune system.
  • It’s an antioxidant,
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Acts as a stress tonic
  • Traditionally ginseng has been used to increase energy
  • Stimulates longevity
  • Ginseng exhibits anti-fatigue
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-aging activity
  • Helps with general improvement of mental and physical performance
  • Memory: American ginseng like this strain I am offering was found to improve working memory and mood in both young individuals and middle-age adults.
  • American ginseng has also been found to stimulate the immune system, helping your body fight off infections like the flu and diseases.
  • Diabetes: American ginseng appears to have anti-diabetic properties too.
  • In one animal study, an extract of American ginseng root lead to weight loss and lower blood sugar levels in mice with type 2 diabetes.
  • American ginseng has anti-cancer properties that appear to suppress tumor growth. It has shown particular promise in treating colorectal cancer.


Ginseng from the Smoky Mountains, Wild, Raw
and Mixed with Wild Goji Berries!

2oz Bottle - Approx. 30 Day Supply
(Product Label)