Brain Entrainment Program - Six Subliminal Audios Six Separate MP3 Audio Programs, Or Get All Six and SAVE! - For use with Money Qi Gong Course

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Six High-Powered Audios Designed to Bolster Your Manifestational Abilities!

Six Separate MP3 Audio Programs, Or Get All Six and SAVE!

*Note: These audios are designed to be listened to with headphones.

Listening to these subliminal audios with help you gain…
A balanced whole brain state can lead to;
An increase in your ability express yourself creatively
A greater ability to focus on study and other complex tasks
Better sleep, by reducing mental chatter
An increase in information retention
An ability to enter meditative states quickly
A reduction in stress
A discovery of innate talents that have so far remained unconscious

Creative Cognition 10 Min Use while doing The Money Qi Gong, studying or while involved in anything that requires focus. A stream of mid-beta frequency to enhance intuition and focus. _____________________________________________________________________
Energy Of Confidence 20 min
Use while taking a break to recharge or to give you extra clarity before taking on your next task. Starts with a high-beta frequency to elevate mental performance and bolster confidence, than slips into a lucid theta state to promote calmness. _____________________________________________________________________ Motivation Magic 30 min Use while meditating, studying or even working at the computer. Starts with energizing high frequency beta waves to inspire and motivate you. Blended with a positive mood sequence. _____________________________________________________________________

Lucid Money Dreams 40 Min Use lying down in the afternoon or before you go to bed. Blends Low-delta, mid-beta and high-theta to induce conscious dreaming. Once you're awake in your dreams you can sculpt your template reality. _____________________________________________________________________

The Money Qi Gong Accelerator! 30 min Use while concentrating and be ready for new imaginative thoughts to flood into your consciousness while listening. Have you recorder or blue pens ready! This audio offers theta frequencies ranging from 3-7hz, as well as a borderline alpha wave at the end of the sequence. ____________________________________________________________________

Pure Alignment 20 min The aim of this audio is to assist in creating a whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization. This is where both left and right hemispheres work together in a state of unity and coherence. This audio uses a narrow range of frequencies from 5 to 8hz over the course of 20 minutes. Both isochronic tones and binaural beats are used. The binaural uses a carrier of 69.3hz while that of the isochronic is 277.18hz