Chi-Mendous Energy Balls with Pure Rare Jade Gemstone! - Limited Offer!

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12,500-Gauss Chi-Mendous Energy Balls with Pure Gem Quality Jade!
A Fantastic Gift Idea!

"The Emperor’s Simple Health Secret Revealed!"
For centuries practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine were embracing the "life-nourishing arts."

These included disciplines such as Qi Gong, reflexology, acupuncture, herbal elixirs, moxibustion, and something Emperor Jia Jing introduced to his court during the Ming dynasty of China.

"Subjects began to notice the emperor rotating a pair of solid stone balls around in his hand."

They became awed by the emperor's dexterity in skillfully manipulating a pair of gemstone balls. Why, the effect must have been “Chi”-Mendous!

"The magical powers of the Chinese energy balls were highly valued in China."

They were purchased for home use and were often presented as gifts to friends or older people to symbolically wish them health or recovery from illness. Even today, it is customary to rotate the balls in the hand when you go for a walk, or when you receive guests. The training with Chinese energy balls is a valuable part of the traditional Chinese system of health care."

While the ancients made some attempts with magnetized iron lodestone balls, they were unable to come anywhere near the power contained in rare earth magnetics. In fact, only just in recent years has the equipment become available to produce these amazing 12,500-Gauss Chi-Mendous Energy Balls.

This extremely powerful Magnetic Yang Ball is matched with a traditional Pure Jade Gemstone Yin Ball. It's a fact that stone health balls are highly coveted by both collectors and traditional Chinese medical practitioners.

If you look at any hand reflex chart, you'll be amazed at how many organ systems will be stimulated once you begin rotating the two balls in your hands.

You will also be activating Acupoints on the three yin meridians and the three yang meridians that begin in your hands and run into all of the organ systems of your body.


1- Rotate the balls clockwise in the palm of your hand to energize your body.

2 - Rotate the balls counterclockwise in your palm to calm your body.

The faster you rotate them in a clockwise direction, the more vitalized you'll become.

The slower you rotate them in your palm in a counterclockwise direction, the more meditative you'll become. You’ll experience a profound sense of calm.

3 - By placing them on the floor under your feet, it can super-charge your kidney point (the lao gong point in the center of the sole of the foot). The kidneys are said to be the seat or storage center for the body's life force or vitality, which is in turn circulated as Qi (chi). This is what's believed to heal all ailments.

Chi-Mendous Energy Balls - The Perfect Gift Idea!

With the balls measuring only 1" in diameter, it is very easy to apply enough pressure on any organ reflex point to obtain the desired results. The Magnetic yang Chi-Mendous Energy ball is the real bonus. The July 1989 Journal of the American Medical Association listed over 30 articles from various medical journals evidencing the benefits of magnet therapy. Over 1000 articles have been published in support of the use of magnets.

Each set contains One "Yang" Magnetic rare earth neodymium Energy Ball and its matching "Yin" Pure Jade Gemstone Ball.

Imagine what health benefits you're about to receive as the old secrets meet the new magnetic technology that we’re offering you!