Aspire Incense Sandalwood - Large Contains 60 Sticks -

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Introducing Aspire Sandalwood Incense

This is Our Signature Incense with a Brand New Look!

This is authentic, priceless, pure Sandalwood, not perfumed wood. 

Did you Know the Ancients Considered Pure Sandalwood more valuable than Gold?

Why? Because of its unique spiritual properties. This is authentic, priceless, pure Frankincense and pure Sandalwood. It can invoke deep primordial memories from within you and greatly aid your meditations. 

So, it's not surprising that whenever we have Mystic or Aspire Incense burning in our home when friends come over, they comment immediately how calm and more relaxed they feel and how wonderful the aroma is.

Moritsune Hata first crafted this incense in 1705. He learned these secrets while working at the Palace in Kyoto, Japan. Rokubei. 

Centuries-old blending secrets have been passed down through twelve generations of the Hata family, who continue to produce this incense today. 

Our incense is highly valued for rarity, subtlety and delicacy. The first time you light it you'll feel it seem to transform time and space. Use it in your meditations to add clarity and heighten your awareness.