The Seven Secret Infallible Steps to Manifestation - DVD Video - or Instant Download

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"The Seven Secret Infallible Steps
To Manifestation"
DVD Video or Instant Download

You are a magnificent spirit, having a human experience, wearing a physical body.

Your potential to communicate with your surroundings is far greater than you may have ever thought possible. Learning to communicate from a holographic viewpoint, rather than the limited "thinking" we're used to, can open up vast amounts of information instantaneously.

Science has now proven and measured the powerful electromagnetic emissions that flow from our hearts. What I'm about to share with you can only be a reality by becoming aware of your own ability to communicate from your own heart center.

Suddenly you'll begin to realize that your surroundings, like your fingers and toes, are merely an extension of who you are. From this holographic viewpoint you can see that, as effortlessly as you move your own body parts, you have command over your reality.

I invite you and encourage you to explore The Seven Secret Infallible Steps to Manifestation and see for yourself how powerful you are as the creator of your reality.

I may also add a word of caution...

Having this amount of power comes with great responsibility and accountability, therefore using it with clarity and true compassion imperative.

My highest intention is that together with these tools, we can envision and empower ourselves to co-create the peaceful paradise we have only thought possible in our dreams.

We have moved into a time in our human evolution where this physical existence has become more malleable. This is an amazing opportunity for us to truly begin to create how we prefer our lives to be. Sometimes, it may feel as though we are stumbling through this existence, without being able to influence it.

I know you've heard this before, however, no matter how hard we try, this life cannot be changed from the outside. Our preferences must take form from the inside for life to reflect it back to us. Simple as this may sound, it takes a bit of guidance and practice.

Are you ready for the The Seven Secret Infallible Steps to Manifestation?

I believe this information is new to our planet. However, these secrets have to follow certain laws of creation for them to work. The first four steps are extremely important to know and once you understand the last three steps, the real juice kicks in!

You'll have unlimited, unfailing power to manifest your dreams. Even more, you will come away with a certainty, a clarity, a knowing, and a new confidence in your own abilities.

We invite you to explore "The Seven Secret Infallible Steps to Manifestation" and experience the magnificent light within You!

Tony Balistreri