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"Talks with Tabaash" Channeled by Blair Styra
Over 6 Hours of Insights From Tabaash!

You'll Discover:
- How to handle being taken-advantage-of by others

- If there was a fall of humanity
- If we ever lose our identity?
- If it's possible to leave our bodies when we choose
- What the new formulas are for 2015 and beyond
- Find out how Tabaash became enlightened and how you can do the same thing.- --What Tabaash does as a spirit
- What the origin of fear is
- Is ET's coming soon
- What exactly happens when we die
Includes live footage from our live seminar in Sedona!
And so much more!

Powerful and extremely insightful, Tabaash will most certainly help to quicken your spiritual development.

Take advantage of this extremely unique opportunity to get aquanted with Tabaash. Experience his incredibly lucid wisdom and uncanny spiritual humor! -Tony Balistreri

"The development of your human nature has taken a great turn into a soul energy that has never been experienced on this planet before."

This time is not a test, it's a time that you have chosen to experience knowing that you own the rights to your life.

Know that if everyday you weave your life power through your day in a conscious and productive manner, then you will understand the way to take this new energy and use it to expand your consciousness beyond what you presently live.

"Start to become more conscious of your God nature and always register your intent for the day."

Be the driver not the passenger -follow yourself not others. Don't wait for someone to save you, you can save yourself!

"There has been a powerful shift of consciousness that is now enabling a new stability to be felt within you and a new sense of hope that has not been prevalent for sometime in your history."

When there is hope, one is open to more choices and it's these choices that make the difference between living a life that is full of conflict, or one of freedom and harmony.

Even though it may not be apparent too most, there is a new hope that has emerged through the old confrontational energy of the last few years. The ways in which you have had to face yourselves through all that has occurred has made you aware of a new light within you.

"When you see life in a new light, it changes the way that you perceive and experience it."

With all that has passed recently, the energy of life has evolved rapidly and it has been hard to keep up with the changes that have occurred. This rapid movement of energy has affected everything and everyone and your bodies have had a challenging time of adjusting and adapting to it!

The end of this phase we just when through is the end of an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual cycle and this end has been in motion for the last 500 years.

"The development of your human nature has taken a great turn into a soul energy that has never been experienced on this planet before."

Turning this corner means that you now have a fresh and powerful ability to take charge of your life. Now you can offer yourself new prospects in this life to invest in. You will become acquainted with these prospects more and more each day as you embrace the life-energy in a manner that suits you.

"This is a time of your own personal truth and this personal truth has embedded in it the very intentions you agreed to participate in before you were born."

These intentions are the voices you possess that represent glorious outcomes for you now in all ways of your life!

Love and blessings to you.


I so love to bring you anything that I believe will help to inspire you and bring new clarity to your life!

Tabaash is Channeled by Blair Styra who resides in New Zealand.

"Talks with Tabaash!"

About Tabaash...

Tabaash lived in the ancient time of Sumeria about 5000 BC. He was no more remarkable then to the next man, but he saw that there was more to the life that he lived, and so he opened his soul once more to the formula of life on Earth which encompasses Mind, Body, Spirit.

By doing so he brought about a harmony to himself and to the life that was his, and therefore transformed self to Pure Conciousness. He lived out his long life (of 250 years) in this way, serving those that he could, living his life and raising his family in the greatest way.

He shares his wisdom now as we ourselves transforming. and it is his greatest pleasure to serve us.

Blair Styra: Channel for Tabaash